Stair Tread Sanding and Refinishing

EZ Tread Replacement

Stair tread sanding and refinishing

Sanding and Refinishing

Many old staircases can reclaim their natural beauty with a sanding and refinishing of the stair treads. Whether stairs were previously covered with anything from carpet to rubber to paint, many staircases can be rejuvenated by a sanding and finishing. Many staircases can be finished to match the floors being sanded, leaving options for the homeowner when it comes to color and style choices.

E Z Tread Replacement System

If sanding and finishing is not an option, or if the homeowner prefers an updated stair system Rochester Floors offers a stair replacement system manufactured by E Z Tread. This system allows for stairs to be replaced without full staircase replacement. E Z Tread replacement treads and risers install over your existing staircase to give your stairs an all new look. There are many different wood species available, from domestic woods such as oak, American cherry, and maple, to exotic woods, such as Brazilian cherry (Jatoba). Many staircase replacement systems can be stained and finished to match your hardwood floors.