• D4108_2
  • D4109_4A
  • D4110_2
  • D4111_4B
  • D4112_3A
  • D4113_2A
  • D4131_3C
  • D4142_4B
  • D4145_1A
  • D4158_4
  • D4159_5B
  • D4172_4B
  • D4173_4A
  • D7117_2B
  • D7118_3A
  • D7119_2A
  • D7176_3A
  • D7193_3B
  • D7195_2
  • D7197_4B
  • D7198_2

Alterna Reserve

  • D4300_B2_1B
  • D4302_B2_3A
  • D4303_C3_2A
  • D4310_F6_2A
  • D4311_grout_3A
  • D4312_F6_2C
  • D4320_J10_2B
  • D4322_F6_2
  • D4324_D4_2D
  • D4330_B2_3
  • D4331_L12_2
  • D4332_D4_3
  • D4340_L12_5
  • D4342_F6_4
  • D4380_B2


  • U1010_LARGE_2
  • U1031_LARGE_1A
  • U1032_LARGE_1B
  • U1033_LARGE_2B
  • U1042_LARGE_2A
  • U1043_LARGE_1B
  • U1050_LARGE_1
  • U1060_LARGE_1A
  • U1061_LARGE_2
  • U3011_LARGE_2
  • U3020_LARGE_2D
  • U3021_LARGE_1
  • U3032_LARGE_4C
  • U3050_LARGE_1C
  • U3051_LARGE_3C
  • U3060_LARGE_3A
  • U3062_LARGE_1
  • U3063_LARGE_4B



Grout choices are available for Alterna and Alterna Reserve.  You can view information and color choices for these by clicking the following link.

Armstrong Grout Choices

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a vinyl product which captures the natural beauty of stone in a vinyl product. Luxury Vinyl Tiles are manufactured to mimic the patterns of ceramics, slates, and other stone products. LVT's are durable, versatile tiles that can give the look of real stone tiles, going as far as even being able to grout some styles. LVT's are a nice alternative to stone for people who may want the stone tile look, but a little more forgiveness than natural stone has to offer. Luxury vinyl floors are not as hard as natural stone, therefore can be more forgiving when things are dropped on them. They also tend to stay a little warmer under your feet, as their vinyl composition does not render them as colt as natural stones. LVT's are a nice option for homeowners who like the natural stone look, but would rather have the alternative. Luxury Vinyl Plank is made to mimic a wood grain look.  Many of the characteristics of LVP are similar to LVT, however the main differences are surface texture and the wood grain look. 

Armstrong Alterna

There are two distinct Alterna luxury vinyl tile collections: Alterna and Alterna Reserve. Both Alterna collections are designed to capture the timeless look of natural stone flooring, and ceramic tile, while providing a comfortable surface for everyday living. The Alterna Reserve collection maintains all the features of Alterna, but with the added benefit of more dramatic, high end stone visuals. All of the patterns within each collection can be installed with grout or without grout, for a true stone or ceramic tile look.  (Courtesy

Armstrong Alterna Warranty

Armstrong Vivero

Vivero, Armstrong’s newest, most durable flooring, captures the beauty of natural woods and stones and adds an exclusive finish made with Diamond 10™ technology. This flooring is 100% waterproof and resists scratches, stains, and scuffs like no other Armstrong floor. (Courtesy

 Armstrong Vivero Warranty



For cleaning of Luxury Vinyl Armstrong recommends Armstrong Once and Done Ceramic and Resilient Floor Cleaner.

 Armstrong Once and Done cleaner

Photo Courtesy 



Luxury Vinyl Tile

  • afton_seriesdone
  • aton_diamond_jubileedone
  • durango_IIdone
  • hayden_burnished_golddone
  • hayden_saharadone
  • lynnbrook_deep_shaledone
  • lynnbrook_river_bottomdone
  • lynnbrook_sanddone
  • maymont_warm_graydone
  • mesa_stone_teracotta_claydone
  • padera_patina_shaledone


  • Bardwin_Almond_done
  • Carlsbad_111_graydone
  • Celestite_11_Cream_dustdone
  • Columbia_Court_white_taupedone
  • Gothic_Stone_11_Mineral_Beigedone
  • Grouted_Ceramic_Pumicedone
  • Grouted_Ceramic_Smokedone
  • Multistone_Claydone
  • Multistone_Sand_done
  • Multistone_warm_graydone
  • New_Slate_Mesa_Stonedone
  • Walnut_Hill_Sanddone