Instructions for On site finished floors:

How you take care of your floor makes a big difference in the longevity you will get out of it. Certain practices such as not wearing your "outside" shoes on the floor help to keep dirt and grit off of the floor. While we know this is not always practical, proper maintenance does help assure your floor will last for years to come. Cleaning regularly to keep dirt off the floor helps a lot.

We recommend the Bona system of floor cleaners. These have pads on the bottom of them, as well as spray jets, to make cleaning an easy battle. The sprays are safe for the floor and do not leave buildup over time.  We Do NOT recommend Bona Polish or any other kinds of floor polishes, as these are a polish and not a cleaner.

It is NOT recommended to use any polishes, waxes, or other products that will leave buildup over time. While these products may look good when they go on, they break down over time, and have an adverse affect on the longevity of your floor. It is also NOT recommended to use steam mops on hardwood floors. These push steam down into the wood and over time may compromise the floor.

Proper maintenance allows for the option of a screen and recoat over time. This is a one day process in which we clean up the surface and apply a fresh coat of finish. This also helps to increase the life of the floor. (*Not all floors can be screened and recoated. This is a process done at our discretion when we believe the proper results will occur.) 

*Floor cleaning instructions for on-site finished floors are courtesy of National Wood Flooring Association.

National Wood Flooring Association Maintenance Tips

  • Sweep your floors or use a dust mop daily, but do not use a household dust treatment, as this may cause your floors to become slick or dull the finish.
  • Vacuum your floor regularly, as often as you would vacuum carpets.
  • Clean your floor’s coated surface with a lightly dampened cloth using a recommended cleaning product, and according to the manufacturer's directions for use.
  • Never damp mop a wood floor. In all cases, use minimum water, because water causes deterioration of the wood itself, as well as the finish.
  • Buy a “floor care kit” that your installer or flooring retailer recommends instead of counting on a home-made remedy of vinegar and water to clean your floors. Different finishes have different maintenance requirements, and it’s best to follow professional advice in this area.
  • Clean light stains by rubbing with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid using mops or cloths that leave excessive water on the floor. Never let a spill of water dry on the floor.
  • Control humidity levels by use of a dehumidifier or humidifier. You may need to add portable units in some rooms.
  • Have your floors recoated periodically as the finish shows wear.
  • Do not clean your wood floors with water or water-based products on a regular schedule. Clean only when necessary and clean only the soiled areas.
  • Do not use products not recommended for cleaning or maintenance.  (This includes cleaners, chair pads, cleaning tools, etc.)


Maintenance tips specific to surface-type finishes (oil based polyurethane, water based polyurethane and the finishes on most factory finished floors) include:

  • As with any wood floor, follow a program of sweeping and vacuuming to eliminate as much dirt and grit as possible, and remember that moisture should not come in contact with the floor. If it does, it should be wiped up immediately.
  • Always use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products, which won’t leave a contaminating residue on the floor. If the manufacturer of the wood floor or the finish is not known, use a generic hardwood floor cleaner available from a local wood flooring professional. 
  • Most warranties from finish manufacturers and factory-finished wood flooring manufacturers are voided by the use of oil soap cleaners.
  • Wipe up spills immediately with a lightly dampened cloth, then use a recommended cleaning product.
  • For stubborn stains, lightly dampen a soft cloth with a recommended hardwood floor cleaning product. Apply directly to the stain and repeat as necessary.
  • Never use a wax finish on top of a surface finish.
  • Using steam or excessive water may damage a wood floor.
  • When the floor loses its luster, there are options to revive the floor. A professional topcoat dressing may revive the floor’s appearance.